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  Protecting the environment is not a thing, we need to insist every day, and anywhere to put into action. As long as we each action, and we will be able to save our survival homeland - the earth.

  Save electricity, protect resources, reduce pollution.

  Electricity is our each pupil come into contact with every day, and also we learn every day life is inseparable from, but now consumes. When electricity so every move, will start from saving.

  In our country, power generation mainly rely on coal, and coal is limited on the earth. According to the present rate of consumption of global consumption of coal will be 250 years. By then, we will have no any coal left to our offspring.

  Save electricity, is to save coal, is also directly contribute to reduce air pollution. Because of acid rain is formed due to coal burning, it can strong corrosion buildings, and can make the water and soil acidification, lead to food production, vegetation fish died. According to the calculation, only in our country southwest, south China economic damage due to acid rain was 14 billion yuan a year.

  Save electricity, to slow down global warming. Due to large amounts of coal combustion emissions of carbon dioxide, as a cover to block the heat of the ground outside sends out to the sky, and the greenhouse effect, if the earth's temperature rise, will cause drought or flood, will cause the melting ice. If the earth on the iceberg melt, lower altitude countries and islands will disappear.

  Live in today, we are bound to enter the next century, many of them are for global warming, and fragile. German vowed to let 192 schools of 192 children in the community in which he lived the harmful gas of greenhouse effect reduced by 10%. They put on energy saving lamps, refused to use air conditioning, abandoned cars, choose the bicycle. After seven months of hard work, they have reached the goal.

  Twinkling of an eye, we have run into beautiful June again, it's tree planting and afforestation opportunity of the country, in order to create a good green home, protect the ecological environment, I suggest the students:

  Love nature, love flowers and plants trees, protection of endangered species, plant trees to protect the green activities.

  Actively promote environmental protection, the environmental protection consciousness to bring home.












  People often say: the construction of a modern city, first of all to ensure that the city should have a good ecological environment.

  Every day in the morning to go to school, he always can see the ground clean; At noon after school, I always can clearly see garbage on the ground, and trash can next to the clean, don't these people don't know garbage into the trash can? No, they know, even kindergarten children know garbage to throw into the trash, how come they don't know? They litter is completely in order to save trouble, because they are at the moment of litter didn't thought that could damage the environment, there is no thought that could bring inconvenience to the cleaners. I wonder why, these people have no morality heart? If so, I ask them to stop littering, please them to protect the city, to protect our beautiful home.

  Day, the once very blue, but because of air pollution from factories, make the blue of the sky becomes cloudy; Water was very clear, but because the effluent from the factory, once the bottom stream become colorful; Forest, once very lush, but due to the deforestation of people, make once lush forest into a desolate desert...

  At our side, there are many "environmental small guards", of course, there are a lot of damage to the environment behavior; Environmental protection of people we need to encourage them to adhere to the environmental protection, destroy the people we need to tell them the benefits of protecting the environment and damage the environment.

  I hope that people can do it later "protect the environment, everyone duty", and the ability to truly realize the importance of protecting the environment, and make everyone around him to do this, in this way, our earth will be able to more and more beautiful, more and more prosperous!







  Now, people advocate low carbon life, our class also launched a "green low carbon knowledge contest" activities.

  Attending this activity, I just know, originally did not use electrical appliances, but don't pull the plug, or will power. I also have a little ashamed, because I think of my old things: once, when I was over the computer, but forgot to turn off the computer, went to bed until I remembered that the computer didn't shut, but I dare not to turn off the computer, because I was afraid of scold by mom and dad, how to do? I had to go in only when mom and dad sleep off. But it also takes up a lot of electricity. There are a few minor is don't forget to turn off the electric fan, or forget to turn off the lights, then I don't think is electricity that takes up a little? But now I know, this is not the environmental protection.

  Hence, under my advocacy, our family began to low carbon life action, I posted a warm prompt: on television watching TV unplug; On a computer with a tip: over the computer to shut down in a timely manner. Mother specially is guarding the light has not related, if caught, who pay the electricity bills this month. Dad is responsible for checking the electrical plugs. I think: if we always stick to it, so can save a lot of electricity, really can realize low carbon life.

  Here, I would also like to remind you that want to low carbon life, is about to take a bus, private cars less, smoke less, a variety of trees, to reduce the carbon dioxide, make our air more pure and fresh, the water cleaner, more green trees, sky more blue!


  參加完這次活動,我才知道,原來沒有用電器,但是不拔插頭,還是會耗電的。我同時也有點慚愧,因為我想起我以前的一些事:有一次,我玩完電腦,卻忘了關電腦,直到我躺到床上的時候才想起電腦沒關,但我不敢去關電腦,因為我怕被爸爸媽媽罵,怎么辦呢? 我只好在爸爸媽媽睡著的時候才去關的,但也耗掉了很多電。其實還有幾次要不就是忘了關電扇,要不就是忘了關燈,那時我覺得就不那耗掉一點電嗎?但現在我知道了,這樣做很不環保的。




  Environmental protection is a commensurate professional discipline. But now the fact is that we can't do rely on the professional environmentalists commensurate to complete the difficult task of environmental protection. Reality, the current for environmental protection is the most important is to launch as many environmental interest involved in environmental protection, the current neutral, that is, as much as possible to the environmental protection also doesn't seem to care about people over, remind, criticism, environmental saboteurs and let their regrets infection to his mistakes.

  I think it is difficult to match to match for a long time to complete the step. Sentence: the progress of environmental protection consciousness.

  As environmental protection green BBS, BBS is good with what I like, I learned a lot from here, only regret is that I am not environmental protection professional graduate, I'm not a few know about environmental protection. As white and say I am a layman in environmental protection. But I think the green is a very important task will be as I took the layman that take the door to the environmental protection, and not just environmental professionals \ and a place to communicate with one another. Should not only be to me to understand environmental matter but concerned interested in environmental protection, also should be more on green little hobby friend also brought in. Environmental protection is not a few people can, it must be to blame the people involved.

  But it is a pity that the environment is too professional, departments of a fellow as I have no any determination of faith, just sigh in China's current environmental protection is how bad, published in the remark is often I don't understand things, it is for people like me so of a basin of cold water!!

  Remember just to green, I went to jiang moderator say a claim to the green paper, and also later moderators in adults by talking about the topic. This is in an article in front of me, you could turn it back to the front. I think green, the main task of propaganda is not enough. I mean for a lot like my layman. This respect, professional too commensurate is an important topic.

  Environmental protection needs some touched the hearts of east east. There, take out some professional data to is good, but also should consider the appropriate some thoughts, feelings, about the people of natural person with natural including animals, plants and other emotional, is also likely to put in. Really, in the end, to environmental protection, it is a love of the great natural. With this a love for animal plant, to illustrate some flow to the destruction of the natural, appropriate is a lot of people will days yet but no longer to do things that damage the environment, to reach the purpose of the green.

  Remember not long ago the founder of the green, said he thought the environmental protection is not so advanced, I think it should be here with all of you professionals should give special attention to the topic of environmental protection.

  I want to even discuss what is your favorite trees or flowers and plants, is from a certain perspective can be a great article is environmental protection. An article about real sincere sincere feelings between people and dogs article will make a lot of people there is new familiar with a new feeling to the dog infection, if be about the natural world other animals plants? So I said like this should be said to be the topic of environmental protection. And these aspects are often the most provoking eye absorption. I think it is the concept of environmental protection can thus more?


  我想這是相稱難也要相稱長時間才能完成的一步。一句話: 進步全民的環保意識。

  作為環保的論壇的綠色論壇,是很受我喜歡的,我從這里學到了良多的東西,只是很遺憾的是: 我不是環保專業畢業,我對環保了解得并未幾。如白合所說我是一個環保的門外漢。但我想綠色的一個很重要的任務就應該是將如我一樣的環保的門外漢領進門來,而不僅僅是環保專業人\士的一個相互交流的地方。 不光是要將我這樣的對環保了解未幾但有心環保的興趣者領進來,還應該將更多的對環保沒有多少愛好的朋友也帶進來。環保不是某幾個人就可以的,它一定要責備民的介入。

  但遺憾的是環保的確太專業了,還有一部門同道對如我一樣的人沒有任何的決心信念,只顧著在嘆息中國目前的環保是如何的差,發表的高論往往是我等完成不明白 的東東,這對如我一樣的人來說可謂是當頭的一盆冷水呀!!